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2013 NCIT Summer School

The 10th edition of the NCIT Summer School responded once again to the high interest students have in mobile programming by including a Mobile Programming Track.

The goal of the Mobile Programming Track is to teach mobile programming to students by offering them the context to work on applications for robot remote control, m-learning, crowd-sourcing, and games. Special thanks go to senior students, who act as mentors throughout the whole summer school: Andrei Mușat, Ioan Deaconu, Daniel Ciocîrlan, Andrei Vasiliu, Tony Dobre, Răzvan Prejbeanu, and Cristian Iliescu.

The participants' selection process was done by posting project announcements on the national-level platform Stagii pe Bune. As expected, more than 80 students applied, from various universities in Romania and abroad.

Without requesting any prior mobile programming experience from our students, we were pretty strict on the concepts, such as object oriented programming and algorithms. After a two-step selection process, with CV screening and live interviews, we have chosen 11 students from 3 universities:

  • Alexandru Hulea, 1st year, Computer Science Dept. UPB
  • Dan-Stefan Dragan, 2nd year, Computer Science Dept. UPB
  • Gabriel-Alexandru Susanu, Glasgow
  • Madalina- Elena Savu, 2st year, Automatic Control Dept. UPB
  • Alexandru Mihai Ditu, 2nd year, Computer Science Dept. UPB
  • Cristina Opriceană, 2nd year, Computer Science Dept. UPB
  • Alexandru Zarnescu, 3rd year, Computer Science Dept. UPB
  • Catalina-Mihaela Tabara, 3rd year, Computer Science Dept. UPB
  • Andrei Alin Mindroc, 1st year, Computer Science Dept. UPB
  • Roberta Dobrescu, 2nd year, Computer Science Dept. UPB
  • Elena Enacache, 2nd year, Mathematics Dept., University of Bucharest
The summer school started with a two-day bootcamp, that offers the students a head start in mobile programming and also gives them the chance to meet each other before working together on a project. The bootcamp itself is a open source project, with presentations and tutorials. The materials can be found here:

During the next three weeks, students worked full-time on developing a first version of a mobile application, on ideas they brainstormed during the bootcamp:
  • "Mood Based Player" by Roberta Dobrescu, Alin Mandroc and Elena Enacache [read more]
  • "Treasure Hunt" by Catalina-Mihaela Tabara, Cristina Opriceană and Alexandru Hulea [read more]
  • "Voice Tasker" by Alexandru Zarnescu and Dan-Stefan Dragan [read more]
  • "Robot Arm" by Madalina-Elena Savu, Gabriel-Alexandru Susanu and Alexandru Mihai Ditu [read more]
The summer school mounts up to a workshopon on the 12th of July, at Politehnica University of Bucharest, where the students from all the tracks of the NCIT Summers School present their work to their colleagues.