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Orpheus ~ The legend is back ~

About the project:

Orpheus  - the legend is back is a 2D game for Android based on the myth of Orpheus trying to retrieve his dead wife, Eurydice, from the underworld. The main purpose is to survive as much as possible. To do so the player has to avoid the demons or kill them, but beware!  Some of them might come again. The player must use the accelerometer to move Orpheus left or right, while he fires musical notes automatically.

There are three types of demons:

  • flyer: uses fire balls to harm Orpheus;
  • exploder: explodes when reaching the top and damages Orpheus based on the distance that’s between them;
  • crawler: comes towards Orpheus and only does damage if it directly hits him.

The hero fights against them with musical note-form projectiles. While he damages demons, his rage bar fills and after the bar is full the player can touch the screen to activate the special power: fire more projectiles.

About the team:

The team consists of four students of Politechnica University of Bucharest, Faculty of Automatic Control and Computers: Oana Barbu, Antonel Dobre , Evelina Dumitrescu and Razvan Oiţă.


The main activity, showed when the application is opened, is a menu with different options: start a new game, read the help, adjust the setting to the user’s liking, view the high scores or exit the game.  
If the “New game” button is pressed, the game activity starts. Three threads compose this activity: one that renders the objects, one that updates them and one that is responsible with creating demon waves.
Most of the classes are based on the Sprite class, whose attributes are, among others, a position and a texture.

Future improvements:

  • Implement the settings menu;
  • Original textures;
  • More special powers;
  • Genetic algorithms for generating demons;
  • Dynamic environment.

Source code:

You can find the code here.