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PoliInfo Reader

PoliInfo is an augmented reality application, aimed to provide location and identity based content to the user in a friendly manner.

Goals and overview of the design:

The system is based on the client-server architecture. The client is represented by the user of the actual Android application and should be given a user/password pair for authentication with the server. Each user name is associated with a group of roles (e.g. John Doe may be associated with the following roles: student, teacher and guest). Access to content items is role-based (students don't have access to the content intended for teachers only). In the same time, a single user can be assigned any number roles and a single content item may be intended any number of roles. In this way identity based content is delivered to the client. in order to address the second concern, location based content, the server has to be able to get the current location of the client. We decided to use QR barcodes for this task because they offer the desired level of accuracy (when the user sees a barcode and scans it a request is sent to the server which now knows that the user is a couple of feet away from the barcode) and they represent a solid tool for augmented reality applications. The other alternatives were GPS or GSM based, but neither provided the accuracy and reliability of the previously mentioned solution. Using the identification system and knowing the location of the user, the server is able to offer information that is addressed to a specific user and that is relevant to that specific location. For instance, a student located in the "EG hallway" area is probably interested in knowing how to get to EC 004 lecture room, not AN 030 (location based) or a person from the maintenance department may consider guidance related info irrelevant since he or she already knows that place like the back of his/her hand but that person may be interested in knowing what kind of maintenance operations were conducted in that area (identity based).  


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Power Manager

Power Manager is a user interface application for managing the air conditioning system in our cluster. The app displays information regarding temperatures and power consumption and allows remote control for air conditioning units.

Open Sync

Application Description

         TheOpen Sync is an open-source application aimed to allow the user to transfer files via wireless from an Android handheld device to a computer that runs a specific listening program.

The structure of the project

       The project was designed based on a client-server system . Consequently, it has two parts:

  • The Android application, which acts a client. It allows the user to browse to the phone's filesystem, select multiple files and send them towards the PC.
  • The PC application, which acts as a servers. Written it Java for compatibility issues, it listens for incoming connections and receives the files sent by a client, saving them to a designated location.

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Orpheus ~ The legend is back ~

About the project:

Orpheus  - the legend is back is a 2D game for Android based on the myth of Orpheus trying to retrieve his dead wife, Eurydice, from the underworld. The main purpose is to survive as much as possible. To do so the player has to avoid the demons or kill them, but beware!  Some of them might come again. The player must use the accelerometer to move Orpheus left or right, while he fires musical notes automatically.

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Map-Assistant is an Augmented Reality “map reader”. What do I mean by map reader? Well, ever been in front of a map and couldn’t find where you want to go because the map has a lot of information on it or because the legend of the map is in a different language. How could you make up de destination point on that map very quickly?

1.2.What does it do?

Map-Assistant will download the map from the server and by looking at the map through the phone’s camera you will see your destination highlighted on the map in a red circle.

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