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Cluster based web servers built on multi-core architectures

  This project aims to explore the impact of using multi-core architectures in cluster computing, with emphasis on cluster-based web servers. The problem of the clusters is that even if they have huge computation resources, enhanced now by the multi-core arhitectures, they are limited by the i/o performance. The i/o-bound class of applications suffers because the speed of the i/o devices is several orders of magnitudes slower than that of processors.

  Within this project we will investigate specific parallel processing techniques for distributed operating systems that aim to speed up the access to the disk and the performances of the tcp/ip (or sctp/ip) stack of protocols for http cluster-based servers. These techniques speculate on the potential of parallelism both within the cluster node (at the level of the multi-core arhitecture) and intra-cluster (at the level of the distributed architecture of the cluster).


Project start date: 1 january 2009
Project end date: 15 december 2011